• The fire should only be lighted up by a competent adult. 
  • Fuel should be fired only by long fireplace matches or lighters for gas burners.
  • Never fully fill the burner so that accidents can be avoided.
  • Never fill the burner while it is hot (immediately after the fire has gone out). Fuel poured into a hot container evaporates very quickly, creating strong vapours. These may ignite suddenly or explode.
  • Never pour bio ethanol while the fire is still on!
  • Clean away any fuel spills with a damp cloth and dry completely.
  • To extinguish the fire cut off the air supply by moving the built-in cover with the provided tool and not by hand.
  • The Bio burner and the immediate surroundings will stay hot for some time after use.
  • All fireplaces use oxygen, therefore it is necessary to ventilate the room.

Extinguishing Agents